TOPG Field Trip

Olivas Adobe Field Trip
Sunday, October 9 (Rescheduled)


This field trip will be led by Scott HarrisonScottHarrison Composite

Members of the TOPG are being granted exclusive access to the Olivas Adobe to photograph after hours. The site includes gardens, an exterior plaza, a bell tower, and many late 1800s artifacts. We are staying past the estimated 6:20 pm sunset to get evening images of the adobe. This will be an excellent opportunity to photograph the adobe without crowds and in the better late afternoon and evening light. More details are provided in you weekly club email.

The Olivas Adobe historic site features the restored two-story adobe home of Don Raymundo Olivas. Built in 1847, this Monterey-style adobe home, Historical Landmark No. 115 from the Rancho era, celebrates Ventura’s Rancho and Latino heritage.

To sign up, refer to links in our latest club email message where you will see our eventbrite 200px link for the Olivas Adobe Field Trip as well as other club activities. Full details and maps are provided on the eventbrite 200px site. Please note: Attendance at all TOPG field trips require that a TOPG Waiver and Release of Liability be on file.