TOPG Webinar Series 

Sports Photography

RPatience butterflyHost: Greg Cooper
Video Content: Sports Photography 10120200713 Scifres MomandThreeCubs
Downloads: Sports Photography 101 (approx. 10 MB)

Details: Photojournalism educator Greg Cooper will discuss the nuts and bolts of sports photography. Topics include gaining access, the right equipment to have on hand, the best positions and other factors such as light. This webinar is geared towards those who do not have much sports photography experience but will have some gems for those who do.  

Greg Cooper is a former daily photojournalist and newspaper picture editor. He taught in the Visual Journalism program at Brooks Institute for 14 years. He currently teaches photography at Ventura College and photojournalism at both Santa Barbara City College and Ventura College. His day job is working at the Director of Community Outreach for the Humane Society of Ventura County in his native Ojai, Calif.