Last Updated: 14 August 2020 14 August 2020

2020 S4C International Circuit

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The S4C International Circuit Photo Exhibition is now open for submission. This year, submitted images will be judged in two separate photo competitions, "Golden Sands" and "Whispering Palms."

You get two chances at acceptances and awards for each image your submit. You can submit images for consideration in up to 8 categories: General Color, Creative Color, General Monochrome, Monochrome Olden Times (Theme), Nature General, Wildlife, Photojournalism General and Human Interest.

The costs of entering is minimal: $15 (exhibition fee) plus $6 per section. You can enter up to 4 images in each section. So, for $63 you can enter 32 images into two photo competitions. That's 64 chances for recognition.

The deadline for entry is September 14, 2020

For more information and to enter the circuit, see the S4C International Circuit Website: